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Social Support Meetings - November

posted 27 Oct 2011, 03:57 by Web Site

The next social support group meeting will be held on the 16th of November at 7 pm in Lincoln.

The afternoon coffee social for November has been replaced by a special event as described to the right. The coffee social meetings will resume in December.

If you are interested in attending please contact a Social Care worker or the Positive Health Office.

NAT sets up two new important HIV related websites

posted 27 Oct 2011, 03:55 by Web Site

National AIDS Trust (NAT) has recently launched two new websites so that the public have access to accurate information about HIV.
The first website, HIVAWARE (, has been created by NAT, in a partnership with Durex, is a response to research that shows a lack of understanding among the British public about HIV and the site provides current and trustworthy information to address this.
In addition, due to extensive feedback from people living with HIV, National AIDS trust has revamped their own website and launched their new ‘Life with HIV’ pages, which can be accessed directly via

NAT welcomes feedback on both websites, which are live, fully-functional and feature a wealth of information and resources. 

Benefit Changes - An Informal Discussion

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A member of the Lincoln City Council Benefits Advice Team will be coming to the Positive Health (Lincolnshire) offices on Monday 14 November at 1 pm to hold a discussion on the proposed changes to the benefits system. A short talk will be given and then general questions can be asked.

All clients and carers are invited to attend. Please call the Positive Health (Lincolnshire) office or speak with your Social Care worker to register your interest.

Social Support Meetings - October

posted 4 Oct 2011, 05:16 by Web Site

The next social support group meetings are on the 17th (12 pm) and 19th (7pm) of October - both in Lincoln.

If you are interested in attending please contact your Social Care worker or the Positive Health Office.

NAT HIV Activist Network calls for members

posted 13 Jul 2011, 03:07 by Web Site

National AIDS Trust set up a HIV Activist Network in December 2010 to give people living with HIV a greater voice on topics that matter to them. Since it’s inception 50 people have joined the network and taken action on a wide range of issues including emails their MPs about the Welfare Reform Bill, writing to local councilors about HIV social care funding and contacting their PCT about prevention and testing. Most recently the Activists in London have written to the London Specialised Commissioning Group about changes to HIV drugs prescribing in London.

The Network needs more members. Everyone is welcome to join, you don’t have to be HIV positive, you just have to care about the issues and want to take action on them. To join the HIV Activist network today and make sure your voice is heard - email or call NAT on 020 7814 67 67.

Carer’s Support Group

posted 13 Jul 2011, 03:06 by Web Site

Our Social Support group meetings have been very successful over the past two years. Clients find the meetings friendly and enjoyable.

We would like to see if there is interest from client’s carers in having a Carer’s Support meeting on a monthly basis. This would be a great safe forum to discuss common concerns that carer’s have as well as meet other people in similar situations.

Please call or email the Positive Health (Lincolnshire) office to register an interest.

Social Support Group Meetings - September

posted 25 May 2011, 05:36 by Web Site   [ updated 4 Oct 2011, 05:16 ]

The next social support group meetings are on the 19th (12 pm) in Spalding and 21st (7pm) of September in Lincoln.

If you are interested in attending please contact your Social Care worker or the Positive Health Office.

Annual General Meeting

posted 25 May 2011, 05:34 by Web Site   [ updated 25 May 2011, 05:38 ]

Positive Health (Lincolnshire) will hold it’s Annual General Meeting on Thursday 30th June 2011 at 7pm at the offices 25 Newland Lincoln LN1 1XP. 

In accordance with our Memorandum of Articles and Association only members who have an approved membership card shall be able to vote at the AGM meetings.  Anyone wishing to become a member should complete a membership application form for approval by the Trustees.

For a membership application and to RSVP, please contact Jo at the Positive Health Office by 10th June. You also may inform Jo about any issues you wish to be brought up at the meeting.

National AIDS Trust publishes Benefit Advice FAQs

posted 20 Apr 2011, 04:01 by Unknown user

National AIDS Trust (NAT) have produced a Q&A style factsheet to help people living with HIV understand how the migration of Incapacity Benefit recipients over to the new Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) may effect them. This factsheet can be downloaded here:

NAT in conjunction with Terrance Higgins Trust have also worked on a more general advice briefing on navigating the benefits system. That briefing can be downloaded here:

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