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Outreach Services

The outreach team provide a professional friendly non judgemental outreach service to men who have sex with men (MWHSWM).  The client group, which includes Bi-sexual men ( a hard to reach group) remain disproportionately affected by sexually transmitted infections including HIV/AIDS.

We aim to make contact with men wherever and whenever they may choose to meet throughout the County of Lincolnshire.

We offer up to date information, advice and resources relevant to individuals needs to promote and maintain good sexual health.

Themes / Messages

  • To equip individuals with the knowledge and skills to negotiate safer sex and to reduce high risk sexual behaviour.
  • To inform men about local issues : - HIV, Syphilis, gonorrhoea are on the increase and that these infections may be hidden if untested in HIV+ men.
  • To, above all, encourage consistent and correct condom usage, condoms remain the most effective barrier to most sexually transmitted infections.

We Offer Free

  • Condoms - Male& Female
  • Lube - a vital part of correct condom usage
  • Information leaflets - STI’s Safer Cruising, Internet Safety
  • Gay Press -  QX Magazines

All the above available at point of contact / outreach sessions/venues/office

We Promote & Support

Regular Sexual health screening - especially for those who engage in casual sex

  • Community Groups /Venues
  • Encourage Hepatitis B inoculation
  • Partnership working

We are happy to discuss, listen and help with issues arising about :-

Sexuality/Low self esteem/Guilt  - Relationships - Homophobia - Alcohol/ recreational Dug Use -Personal Safety - Cruising and the law

Our Message: Be Positive - Stay Negative