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Training and Education Workshops

We deliver training to many different organisations, both statutory and non-statutory. We also co-ordinate a schools programme, delivering workshops to around 85% of the Country’s Primary & Secondary schools, and Youth Clubs.
We Aim to:
* Raise awareness of HIV/AIDS and other sexual transmitted infections
* Reduce the incidence of HIV/AIDS
* Challenge discrimination
* Promote sexual well being
We Offer:
Education Workshops
* HIV/AIDS (Increase awareness of the facts and issues regarding HIV and stigma & discrimination)
* Other Sexually Transmitted Infections
* Breast and Testicular Self Examination
* Contraception and Safer Sex
* Introduction to Sexual Relationships
* Risky Behaviour
* Alcohol Awareness
* Drugs Awareness
* Smoking and It's Effects
* Personal Hygiene
* Sex and Relationships
* Puberty
Training Courses
* Sexuality

* Sexually Transmitted Infections
* Diversity
* Homophobic Bullying
Our trainers are able to “tailor-make” a training course or workshop to suit an individual organisations/age group needs.

We asked teachers and pupils to complete feedback forms following completion of the sessions and some of the comments received are given below.


'You made it really interactive and enjoyable by letting us use objects such as the beer goggles but games. Moreover, you also made it really education, but interesting.'
Letting us use the beer goggles put a fun twist on eduction. I know the whole class found it exciting and educational'
‘I liked that we could speak as adults and the amount of information provided was relevant to our age group’
‘I liked all the pictures we saw and found out about symptoms.  It was very interesting and not boring’
‘I like outside speakers coming in and giving us advice. I think there should be more sessions’
‘It was very useful to find out the symptoms and where to go for advice and help’
‘I like the clarity and honesty of the speaker’
‘Positive delivery, fun atmosphere’
‘Discussing matters on our level’
‘Interesting information - learnt new things’
‘I liked being able to talk without being embarrassed’


'I feel sure that man of the pupils will think about their future drinking and its potential consequences far more carefully, and hopefully act accordingly, in the light of the information given in the workshop.'
'We find that having someone who is not an 'official' teacher in the classroom has far more impact, with the pupils more likely to believe what they say and take it on broad.'
‘I think these topics are essential for all students entering adulthood. The topic is presented in a relevant and entertaining way but gets the message across’
‘Positive Health is very approachable and adaptable. To turn up to two sessions at either end of the day is something others wouldn’t do!’
‘Pace of delivery is just right, sometimes this proves hard (as our students are somewhat bright) for many outside speakers to get right - Positive Health does’
‘I think the flexibility and the authority which the presenters have, is the biggest asset.  No two lesson go the same but you seem to adapt to get the best out of each group’
‘The pupils definitely benefit from an outside speaker because if I had to cover these topics myself, it wouldn’t have the impact that having an outside speaker has. I’m sure they appreciate someone else with new jokes and styles too!’