There are many different reasons why people choose to become volunteers with Positive Health, some are personal reasons, others may simply desire to help and assist others.

Every volunteer has their own ideas of what they feel able to achieve which is why we try to identify those areas that are most suitable and appropriate to meet the needs and aims of the volunteer.

  • What Does a Volunteer Gain ?
  • Volunteers can expect training
  • Individual action plans of duties
  • Assessment and appraisal by a volunteer supervisor
  • Encouragement and support from the staff at Positive Health
  • Accreditation for the duties and work performed during Positive Health service

As a volunteer with Positive Health we will require a contract to be made, this helps Positive Health and the volunteer to work together on a professional basis.  Volunteers are vital to the successful operation of Positive Health, any duty or task our volunteers undertake is of key importance to the running of day to day activities.

The activities a volunteer can become involved with vary in complexity, commitment, skill and the time required.  Volunteer work can be divided into groups which include clerical, administrative and office based work.  Then there are professional/communicative jobs such as delivering workshops to young people in schools, youth groups or colleges.

Some volunteers become involved with outreach work, which involves going out into the rural communities of Lincolnshire to provide information to young people on a variety of sexual health and drug issues.

Some tasks, such as making red ribbons or folding leaflets etc, may seem rather unexciting but they are essential duties.  With most duties volunteers can spend a few moments or as long as they feel able, the only exception to this is with school, college and outreach work.

We fully encourage  and support the input of new and innovative ideas from our volunteers.  We will supply the materials to assist in the volunteers duties.

The areas in which volunteers are extensively used are:

    Office - for help with the day-to-day administrative duties.
    Outreach and Orbit - for help in promoting sexual health.
    Training and Education Workshops - to assist in presenting workshops to Lincolnshire's Schools.
    Social Support - caring and help for people infected by HIV.

Please click here to download the volunteer application form.

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